Teaching and Technology Internship Program

The Teaching and Technology Internship Program was created to:

This program is open to all undergraduate science majors.

Internships are available for teaching laboratories, recitations, and in the use of technology in the classroom. All interns are required to participate in the department's TA Training Program, and attend teaching seminars and organizational meetings throughout the year.


Students in the program will either receive two credit hours through PHY 388-389: Teaching Internship in Physics, or receive a stipend of $800 per semester.

Internships in Teaching Laboratories

Internships will be available for undergraduate students to serve as co-instructors, along with graduate TAs, in the introductory physics and astronomy labs.

Laboratory interns may request to be assigned to laboratory sections in:

Participants instruct one laboratory session per week (10 per semester) throughout the year. Laboratory interns share all responsibilities with a graduate co-instructor, but usually do not grade lab reports.

Internships in Workshops and Recitations

A small number of highly qualified undergraduates are selected to do internships conducting workshops or recitations in introductory physics courses. Interns may request to be assigned to:

Internship in Teaching

In the introductory physics courses PHY 103: Physics of Music and PHY 141: Mechanics (Honors), computers have been integrated into the lectures and recitations. Interns will participate in running these classes.

Other positions, paid by the hour, may become available. These include general computer system management, administrative support, and course grading.

Application Process

All students who have previously taken, or are currently enrolled in, the introductory physics and astronomy courses are eligible to apply. Participation is not limited to physics and astronomy majors, but laboratory or recitation interns must have completed the course in which they will assist or be able to demonstrate equivalent experience.

Use the application form to apply to any of the internships listed above.

Participants will be chosen based on performance in physics courses and labs, overall academic standing, commitment to the goals of the program, written recommendations, personal statement, and interviews with the program coordinators.  

Contacts and Affiliated Organizations 

The Teaching and Technology Internship Program is coordinated by the Undergraduate Internship Committee, which is chaired by Professors Steven L. Manly and Lynne H. Orr. The program is affiliated with the Program for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).