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Marek A. Zielinski

  • Senior Scientist

PhD in Physics, Jagellonian University (Poland), 1978

MS 205 Fermilab
(630) 840-2373
Fax: (630) 840-8886



Dr. Zielinski received his MS in physics (1974) and his PhD in physics (1978) from the Jagellonian University in Poland. He first joined the University of Rochester high energy physics group in 1981 to participate in its research programs at Fermilab. During the following years, Dr. Zielinski worked both at Fermilab with the Rochester group and at the Jagellonian University. His research from Fermilab experiment E272 on Primakoff and diffractive production of mesons constituted the foundation for his Habilitation Degree, received from the Institute for Nuclear Research in Cracow in 1987. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Zielinski moved to the United States. While at the Jagellonian University, he held teaching positions and did research in theory and phenomenology of particle physics. He was also an editor for Acta Physica Polonica from 1978 to 1990.

Dr. Zielinski has published more than 100 articles in refereed journals. He also has been active in organizing workshops and conference sessions related to his research interests. In recent years he has has served as head of the Calorimeter Simulation and Calorimeter Software Algorithms Groups at DZero (1997-2000), as co-organizer of "Multi-Hadron Final States" session at International Conference on Deep Inelastic Scattering, DIS 2002, as co-convener of the Run II QCD Physics Group at DZero (2000-2002), as co-Chair of the Calorimeter Task Force at DZero (2002-2003) and as Co-Leader of the Run II Top Physics Monte Carlo Subgroup at DZero (2002-present).